Yatra Promo Codes

yatraIn August 2006, Dhruv Shringi, Manish Amin and Sabina Chopra established the Yatra.com, which is basically an Indian online travel agency as well as a travel search engine. The said site or company is based in Gurgaon, one of the cities in the state of Haryana. The said website had become the second largest online travel sites in India last April of 2012. By that time, Yatra owned 30% shares of the 370 billion markets that the country gained from transactions that involved or related to travelling. Basically, the company offers services related to travel, such as booking and searching.

Yatra has started to be an online website, but through time, the company has expanded their horizons along with the continuous innovations in technology. They have created their own mobile applications so that their services can be much more accessible for travelers all over the country. In addition to their official website and mobile applications, there are also other associated platforms that can help anyone have access to what Yatra has to offer. All of these platforms, including a website and a mobile app, can help both leisure and business travelers explore Yatra and the services that anyone can avail of them.


With Yatra, any traveler can do research, explore travel options, compare prices, as well as book any of the various services that can cater your travel and the needs that come with it. Since their establishment in 2006, there are said to be about four million customers, and counting, who have successfully and satisfyingly used at least one or all of the comprehensive services related to travelling that Yatra has to offer. International as well as domestic air ticketing is included in their wide range of services. Booking of accommodations, whether in hotels or as homestays, is just one of their high quality services. They likewise offer yatra promo codes that can help you save up.


For those who consider travelling as their passion, one of the challenges they may face is the lack of funding. Fortunately, there are promo code that are being offered to give some people the opportunity to travel despite shortage in budget. In this case, you can definitely benefit from Yatra promo codes to go where you want and need to go, whether for business or pleasure. Learn more about these travel promo codes through the internet and start travelling more often with Yatra.